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Foreign visitors explore Vietnamese Culture at Cao Temple
The historic site in Nguyet Giang River is located in Duoc Dau village , Bang Chau county,  Nam Sach prefecture, Hai Duong town in the past and now in An Lac commune, Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong Province. It consists of five sacred ancient temples: Cao Temple, Ca Temple, Ben Trang Temple, Ben Ca Temple and King Temple.
- Cao Temple worships Thien Bong Dai Tuong Quan (High ranking General in Heaven). His taboo name is Vuong Duc Minh - the eldest son of the Vuong family.
- Ca Temple  worships the Village Protector Duong Ton Linh; Vuong’s father, Vuong’s mother and their two female saints - the daughters of Vuong’s family namely Dao Hoa Trinh Thuan Princess (taboo name: Vuong Thi Dao) and Lieu Hoa Linh Ung Princess (taboo name: Vuong Thi Lieu).
- Ben Trang Temple worships Duc Thanh Linh Ung Dai Vuong (Great and Holy Saint). His taboo name is Duong Duc Xuan - the second son of  Vuong’s family.
- Ben Ca Temple worships Anh Vu Dung Luoc Dai Vuong (Brave and stratagic Saint). His taboo name: Vuong Duc Hong) - the third son of Vuong’s family.
- King Temple worships King Le Dai Hanh.
 This is also the place from which 12 families (Thap Nhi Gia Tien) originated including: Duong family, Pham family, Cao family, Nguyen family, Dao family, Ta family, Mac family, Tran family, Bui family, Le family and Hoang family.
King Temple is the location of the only artificial ironwood forest of Hai Duong province. There are 54 ironwood trees recognized as heritage trees by the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Enviroment.
This used to be the headquarters of Emperor Le Dai Hanh in the war against the Sung in 981. It is the place of birth of five military generals of the Vuong’s family who helped the King Le to fight against the Sung then incarnated in to river and mountain. Thus, they were worshiped in this temple.
Cao Temple Relic also has many historic sites such as: Dong Dinh, Lo Van, Noi Xuong, Ban Cung Mountain, Ba Chua Temple, communal house, Muc Dong Temple, Son Dun Pagoda, Ca Pagoda. These sites have endured for thousands of years and have become a spiritual destination for Chi Linh people in particular, and Vietnamese people in general. The relic site was nationally ranked by the MCI in Decision No.: 1288/VH – QD dated November 16, 1988.
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